A land in skateboarding, is to do a trick successfully, and this land, Scotland, is for everyone. An all women-identifying team combine our experience, knowledge and love of the Scotland and the Highlands with our passion for skateboarding, adventure, photography, film and nature to create a feature, photographs and a film -  inspiring from an environmental and human point of view.Only just outside the cities, you can find remote unspoiled nature, winding roads for miles and coastal paths with the most astounding views. More commonly these areas are explored by people in their cars, cyclists on road bikes and hikers on foot, but we want to explore it differently - on skateboards. By skaters lesser seen. As women who grew up in Scotland (rural and urban), our teenage selves would never have imagined that a career in skateboarding would be possible for us, yet here we are. This adventure is a nod to our childhood and the journeys we have been on since. As we revisit and reclaim the highlands and lowlands of our youth, our goal is spread the message that skateboarding is for everyone who wants it, proving that you don’t have to fit the stereotypical narrative for what a skater looks like or acts like,  to embrace everything that skateboarding has to offer. This is a bid to invite more people into skateboarding, and inspire people to see and use it as a vehicle for exploration and adventure.

Film by Rachel Sarah.
Produced by Hannah Bailey.
Supported by MPB.
Photo above shot by Rachel Sarah.
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