Hannah Bailey is a passionate award-winning photographer, journalist and producer who has been immersed in the underground scenes of action sports, adventure and the outdoors for over 10 years. Born in Edinburgh, Hannah has travelled the world to document women in skateboarding, and her work has been recognised with awards from the Women's Sport Trust and Campaign Magazine, and her photos featured in media such as i_D, Dazed, Asian Geographic, and Women's Fitness. Instead of focusing on the sport itself, it is the free-spirited players and heroic characters that define the worlds of skating and action sports which Hannah feels most passionate about, particularly those that are girls or women. Her photos and projects show the real faces and stories of those involved in the culture, which she aims to take to a wider audience to inspire others, and society as a whole. 

Get in touch: hannah@neonstash.com or +447732055158 (UK number)

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Clients: Patagonia | Reformation | BBC World Service | BBC Scotland | Vans | Lomography | Mpora | Red Bull | Vice | Skateistan | Wandering Workshops | Huck | i_D | Animal | Quell | The Skate Exchange

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