A unique photo series, supported by the Getty Images Show Us Grant, shining the light on the real faces of female and non-binary skateboarders, empowering them to tell their stories and show us what skateboarding means to them. The use of pictures, how they are captioned or aimed to be perceived will be controlled through the Olympics, and for many, skateboarding will be seen for the first time on this platform. "To Balance is Trust" will intercept this competitive controlled vision to put it back in the hands of the people who skate through portraits and stories. 
"To Balance is Trust" aims to enlarge the visibility of the niche and underground side of this subculture, which exists all around the world, from South Korea to Scotland. By doing this, as a photographer, I aim to champion these inspirational, underexposed skateboarders as role models for people to be inspired by and society to learn from. 
As seen on The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Glorious Sport, Yeah Girl, Skateism, Base Mag, Girls is not a 4 Letter Word, and more...
Amy Lombard-Dunbar is from Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the co-founder of the non-binary and queer skate crew, the Skate Boobs.
Lily Rice is the 2019 Women's WCMX World Champ and works to increase the accessibility of skateparks. 
Emily Rothney is a young skateboarder and snowboarder based in the Highlands of Scotland.
Maz Mayassi is the co-founder of Melanin Skate Gals and Pals, a black-led/BIPOC and queer skate crew. ​​​​​​​
Denia Kopita is a hugely talented and technical skateboarder based in Athens, Greece. She is the online manager of the diversity skate magazine, Skateism, and volunteers for Free Movement Skateboarding, an NGO which works with refugees and at-risk youth in the city. 
Yuri Murai from Japan, is a passionate skateboard videographer who has been documenting the women's street skateboarding scene in Japan for over a decade. With three feature length films under the name, Joy and Sorrow. 
Marcia Mijnhijmer is part of the Melanin Skate Gals and Pals and has got a mean ollie.
Constantina lives in Athens, Greece and works with Free Movement Skateboarding, helping the local youth and refugees of the city gain opportunities through skateboarding. 
Christana lives in East London, UK and is part of the Melanin Skate Gals and Pals. She skates here at Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford.
Yuri Lee is a nurse and known local skater in South Korea. She travelled to be part of The Skate Exchange, and event bringing female skaters together in Japan in 2018.
Virginia Kritikaki is a photographer and skateboarder based in Athen, Greece.
Bella Warley is an artist and skateboarder based in Bristol, UK. She works with Campus skateparks to provide skateboarding to local youth. 
Olympia is a model and skateboarder based in Athens, Greece, she also volunteers for Free Movement Skateboarding.
Rosie Rothney is Emily's sister and a talented skateboarder, based in the Highlands of Scotland.
 Vaselia is a skateboarder from Athens, Greece.
Rudi Morrice is part of the Snaggle Rats crew, who encourage more young people in Scotland to take up skating regardless of gender. She is also an ambassador for the charity, Skateboards for Hope. 
Indigo is a skater part of the Melanin Skate Gals and Pals in East London.
Mac Morrice (Rudi's sister) is also part of the Snaggle Rats crew, who encourage more young people in Scotland to take up skating regardless of gender. She is also an ambassador for the charity, Skateboards for Hope. ​​​​​​​
Imogen Mitchell lives in Portobello, just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. She is one of twins who loves to skate and travels around Scotland doing so. 
Helena Long is a professional skateboarder from London, UK. She also works at Somerset House and recently put on a show there "No Comply" celebrating skateboarding. 
Suzuna Kanemoto is a skateboarder based in Tokyo, Japan. Here skating as part of The Skate Exchange in 2018.
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